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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Siapa Boonaa Mohammed?

Boonaa Mohammed dilahirkan di Canada pada akhir tahun 80-an dan dibesarkan di situ.. Mula menulis puisi sejak kecil dan melihat diri sendiri sebagai seorang pencerita; yang menggunakan puisi ntk meluahkan isi hati, perbuatan, perasaan terhadap agama, politik, hubungan lain dan segala yang menarik minatnya.. Seperti belia lain, Boonaa juga pada awalnya minat kepada dunia hip-hop namun sedikit demi sedikit, dia terlalu asyik dengan dunia rap dan suka bercerita kepada orang lain.. Boonaa berminat dengan perkataan dan bagaimana ia boleh membawa anda dan minda anda.. Boonaa yang turut dikenali dengan karakter unik disamping pandai berjenaka telah menjelajah ke seluruh dunia terutamanya di US.. Boonaa juga terkenal sebagai seorang aktivis dan aktif terutamanya di kalangan belia.. Boonaa mengadakan bengkel menulis dan seminar bagi berkongsi pengalaman dengan kanak2 susah..

Sepanjang zaman 'jahiliah' Boonaa dalam dunia rap, dia menggambarkan yang dia mengikut ajaran Islam kerana ibu bapa dan bukannya kerana diri sendiri.. Boonaa kerap menghabiskan masa bersama rakan2 nyer di pub dsb ntk persembahan rap kumpulan.. Kesedaran Boonaa tiba sewaktu beliau sedang bersiap ntk mengadakan persembahan pada suatu hari dan ketika tuh masuknya waktu Isya dan dia mula berfikir di mana dia harus mengerjakan solat.. Tetiba dia tersedar bahawa di kelilingi dia ketika tuh semuanya "maksiat" dgn perempuan berpakaian ketat dan botol2 arak bergelimpangan.. Sejak dari tuh, Boonaa nekad bahawa tempat yang tidak sesuai ntk mengerjakan solat haruslah dijauhi dan dia juga mempersoalkan rakan2 dia sendiri yang x membawa dia ke arah kebaikan.. Kini Boonaa banyak menghabiskan masanya di masjid dan juga membalas email.. Boonaa mendapat gelaran "Voice of his generation" hasil penglibatannya dalam memperjuangkan Islam.. Video dibawah menunjukkan contoh puisi Boonaa yang pastinya memikat para pendengar..

Let me take a moment to show some kindness,
To the folks that thought blindness was a disease that effected the eyes alone,
I promise I won't judge you, I barely know how to love you
And like fools we preach rules, but we don't even follow our own.

Everybody needs comfort,
Some people find it in this; some people find it in that
And some people just don't find it at all.

But this world is full of signs
From the moon to the stars in the sky
From the bees and the bugs, like a seed in your blood
Like a feen to a drug, makes you need to look up
And questions what's up, why you deal with this stuff?
When your spirits are crushed and you trek through the rough
But like thunder it struck, said "Be" and it was

All the signs that were sent, they finally make sense
You feel the torment, so you need to repent
When your heart is cement, it's hard as a brick
Cause your soul is worth more than the dollars and cents,
All the money in the world couldn't buy you happiness
Cause "verily, it is in the remembrance of Allah, that hearts do find rest"

And do not get it confused,
I'm not a scholar or a preacher
I'm just a regular dude, who makes mistakes too
But we are reflections true,
So I cant talk about me without talking about you

And who knew?
We would end up in a place so confused
Where little boys wanna be like little girls and little girls just wanna be abused
Where the terrorize the truth, mentally arrest the youth
Even though there is no law but Allahs' and momma didn't raise no fool.

And who knew?
That expecting the world to treat you fairly because you think you're a good person,
Would be a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you're a vegetarian,
You can't begin to learn what you think you already know
In mans own ignorance we forgot that women once watched us grow
And before that you were a tiny ball of flesh without any bones
And before that you were just unknown, and now look behold
You have the arrogance to assume that you just made it on your own?
But what were you but a chewed piece of clot, before you grew
And who knew you would trace you ancestry back to a zoo?
You must have really come from apes with your monkey point of views
Even the devil believes in God, so what does that make you?

And it's true
Sometimes I feel like Noah preaching to a packed empty room
Nobody wanna listen until we start rolling out two by two
I'm a big fan of Abraham; never break-up from Jacob
Joseph had the kind of beauty that you couldn't find in makeup
Moses was to Pharaoh what stones are to arrows
And David to Goliath was truth is to silence
Following, Solomon I'd get down too
Contrary to popular belief, Jesus is my homeboy too.
So peace be upon the whole crew who came to teach what we never knew
Even though few caught the groove, they never turned blue
Never confused what was true even if it was a taboo
Never came for fame or praise but to praise who they prayed too

And who knew?
That an unlettered man from the middle of the desert,
Would change the whole world from darkness into heaven
You may have every title, every big shot degree
But you still can't explain: Alif-Lam-Meem

And who knew?
There would be so many views and ways to explain
That He's closer to you than your jugular vein
So if you complain that God must be cruel
Can you give Allah, all that He gives to you?
From the breath that you breath, to the trees that you feed
From the eyes that you see, to the sea that you eat
If I cut you, you bleed, than you heal magically
Were the illest machines, manufactured for means.
The concepts extreme but this world is a dream,
It's not what it seems filled with lies and deceit
The truth is serene so wake up smell the deen
Praises be to He, His Oneness, Supreme
Totally unique, in no need of sleep
Not like you or me, his greatness complete
No partners, no mates, no fathers, no sons
No discount 3 in 1, just Allah Azwa Jalla
Even the birds sing His name,
The Lord of all the worlds
Glory be to He and to Allah is our return

Psst:Ayat dia memang wow....

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